Developer: jumpsuit entertainment UG (haftungsbeschränkt) — Based in Kassel, Germany
Founding date: August 27th, 2014
Website: jumpsuit-entertainment.com
Press / Business Contact: info@jumpsuit-entertainment.com
Social: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Tumblr | Twitch
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At jumpsuit entertainment we are interested in creating games and experiences that feel relevant to us.



jumpsuit entertainment is a very young entertainment developer from Germany. It was founded late August 2014 by David Priemer and Daniel Goffin in order to be able to realize a game project. David and Daniel were introduced to each other in 2013 ago at the headquarters of Black Pants Studio GmbH. Daniel had just released his first mobile game “Symmetrain” and David had an intriguing idea for a puzzle game. Since then they have been working together with the goal to publish said project.



Our current project “Perlinoid” (working title) is a puzzle game that is loosely based on basic colour theory. The player controls differently coloured characters that have to overcome a series of complex coloured obstacles. An early alpha prototype gameplay video is available below.





Beta Stage Level Screenshots

Early Conceptart
2014-03-05_sketch1 2014-03-04_sketch2 2014-03-04_sketch1

Logo & Icon

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Selected Articles

“Prepare to have your brain scratched” – Julian Benson, PCgamesN



Daniel Goffin has studied comic and illustration at the School of Art and Design in Kassel, Germany. His toy sculptures and illustrations have been exhibited in numerous shows around the world including a Philips De Pury daily sale auction in New York. His latest work, a mobile game for iOS named “Symmetrain” has been nominated at IGF 2014 for the “Student Award Grand Prize” and also for the German Computer Games Award (Deutscher Computerspielepreis) in the category “Best Mobile Game”. At jumpsuit entertainment he is responsible for the visual design.
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David Priemer studied Computer Science at the University of Kassel, Germany. He does the programming for jumpsuit entertainment along with level- and game design. He is eager to develop new ways to use gameplay as a means for meaningful storytelling.



Press / Business Contact: info@jumpsuit-entertainment.com
Social: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Tumblr | Twitch
Phone: +49 172 476 23 47

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