Silhouettes are important, especially for character designers. Not in a paper-cutting victorian past-time sense. Even though back then some people surely have had quite a well developed character. But I digress…

As I mentioned in my last post on saturday, we are working on a color-based puzzle game. One of the biggest challenges so far is developing the characters in such a way that they effectively communicate their interaction with the world not only based on their colour but also via their shape. In the game the player will have to mix colours in order to solve the puzzles and that results in the necessity of a shape language that supports this mechanic. After a bit of research on this topic I remembered the combination of shape and colour that Wassily Kandinsky developed during his time at the Bauhaus (here, I changed the colour-shape combination that he suggests to better suits our needs) and below you can see one result of this approach. Currently, I try to work only with the shapes before I start adding details that further underline the personality of the characters.