So rub, rub, polish, rinse, wash, dry, wax, soft cloth, rub, rub, repeat … and I find time to post another bit of GIF. Little things we are integrating to make the game more lively.

One thing are the position lights in the city zone. The red ones have been in the game for a while already but I think they really start to shine in combination with the white flash lights.


The other thing are those weird eye-like mushrooms in the forest area at the start of the game. I always wanted to do something with them, something that added to the weirdness feeling. So now they squint whenever a gammy (character) encounters an obstacle. The effect is great, I think. The first time you see it you are not even sure what happened because it is mostly visible in the periphery.


And apparently Tom Francis, of Gunpoint fame, has played the beta version of She Remembered Caterpillars as an IGF judge. You can listen to his review in his The Crate and Crowbar Podcast Episode 167. We are very honored, to say the least! *__*